Goland sow

Robust, reliable and easy to manage.

Suitable for Italian PDO productions.

High number of weaned/sow/year. 100% Italian.


The Goland gilt is an F1, obtained from the crossing of two foundation lines developed by Gorzagri.
The Goland sow is produced exclusively by Gorzagri in their farms, to guarantee health safety (biosafety) and quality.
Availability of breeders of various weights, PRRS free and conventional; both parent and grand-parent. Robustness, reliability and performance suitable for industrial breeding farms.
The high ingestion capacity facilitates milk production, the good feed conversion allows a reduced sow/year. Vital and uniform farrows. ISE optimal, easy oestrus after the litter weaning. In the delivery room, the piglets produced do not need continuous feeding, as the “live births/maternal milk available” ratio is well balanced.

The Goland sow is the reference combination in the selection project of the boar lines of the Gorzagri register.


→ Piglets weaned, on average, n. 12.6.
→ Piglets weaned/sow/year, on average, n. 29.
→ Average feed consumption per sow/year: 1050 kg of feed.
→ Restock rate of 35%.


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