The Gorzagri company applies a biosafety protocol that includes the protection of farms from the entry of diseases and the monitoring of the internal health situation. This is made possible thanks to the favourable location of the farms and their structural characteristics; they are in fact located in hilly areas with low livestock density, isolated from other pig farms and distant from major communicating roads. All the requirements are in place to avoid contamination by animals, men and vehicles not previously checked. Animal transport is carried out through owned and/or third-party vehicles but for the exclusive use of Gorzagri pigs. At each transport the vehicles are washed, disinfected and stop 72 hours before a new delivery. The feed produced by Gorzagri is transported according to the highest biosafety requirements on the market.

Health status

All the breeding farms of the Gorzagri group are accredited for:

– swine vesicular disease (MVS)

– Aujeszky’s disease

– Trichinella spiralis

– foot-and-mouth disease, brucellosis, classic swine fever

Every day all the farms are checked by their staff and also checked weekly by the internal veterinary service together with the farm managers. Monthly bacteriological and serological examinations are carried out to check and constantly improve the internal health situation.