General characteristics

and services

Gorzagri has not limited its business to the simple placing of breeding pigs on the market but has structured a complete offer of services to maximise the final performance of the product. This way our customers are in the ideal conditions to obtain maximum income thanks to:

– the work program within our production chain, able to obtain a precise health and quality control of the breeders we distribute;

– a staff of technicians with specific and in-depth knowledge of our genetics and the demands of the national market;

– systematic visits by our technical and veterinary staff to offer customers support, both in the business management and in the health and nutritional management of sows and fattening pigs;

– sophisticated testing and genetic evaluation procedures, such as the BLUP method, which allow us to identify boars able to satisfy even particular requests from our customers.

Production flows

The productive aim of the Goland female line is not solely to obtain the largest possible number of piglets. The final result of our selection programs translates into a constant increase in weaned piglets, provided that this also implies a real reduction in the cost of production of the piglets sold. The productive aim of the male line and our work of improving genetics is to have a top quality 160/170 kg live weight heavy Italian pig that allows a high yield, both on the farm and in the slaughterhouse. In summary, the main characteristics of the Goland pig are the following: genetically developed carcasses based on the specific requirements of the Italian slaughtering industry; uniformity both in terms of breeding performance and carcass quality; constantly improved feed conversion even in animals raised with rationed feeding and with the addition of large quantities of serum; robustness, survival and resistance to health stress. All Goland breeders are produced and selected exclusively in Italy and in genetic centres owned by Gorzagri. This is an essential prerequisite for guaranteeing constant supplies and a high technical and health standard.