About us

Gorzagri started its business in the field of genetics in the early 1950s, establishing itself back then in the poultry sector as a farm specializing in the production of breeding eggs. Based on the experience gained and following a precise vocation for genetic research, Gorzagri then went on to concentrating its business in the pig sector. Since the creation of the first grand-parent centre (year 1975) until today, the constant evolution of the company has led us to be the leading Italian company in the production, selection and distribution of pig genetics throughout the entire national territory.

Our organization

Since 1985, Gorzagri has had its own nucleus, the Pezzol (BL) company, where genetic research and the selection of our Large White female line named “Goland GP Pura” was developed. The nucleus, a “minimal disease” company since its establishment, is the emblem of the “Goland method”, the guarantee of a strict health and quality control on the entire Gorzagri production chain. There are two large-parent Gorzagri centres, with a total of about 5,000 sows, in which there are only pure “large white” sows from the company nucleus. At the production pyramids dedicated to female genetics, Gorzagri has its own two male line nuclei, one conventional in Riese Pio X (TV) and one PRRS negative in Pezzol (BL) for a total of about 600 sows of the Goland male line.

Mission and values

Provide a real service to the breeder by offering the best breeders for the Italian market, through a reliable, flexible system that is increasingly closer to market needs, acting with the utmost respect for the values that have always distinguished us.



Human relationships