Camborough sow

The Camborough® sow is an F1, obtained from the crossing of a Large White line with a Landrace, following the PIC technical indications.
Camborough® sows in Italy are produced exclusively by Gorzagri in their farms, to guarantee health and quality safety.
Availability of PRRS free breeders of various weights. Requires careful feed control in gestation and in the delivery room.

The growing Camborough® gilt must be ad lib fed up to its first covering. Excellent maternal aptitudes and low cost of the weaned piglet/year.

Numerous and uniform farrows.


→Piglets weaned, on average, n. 13,3.

→Piglets weaned/sow/year, on average, n. 30.

→Average feed consumption per sow/year: 12 ql of feed.

→Restock rate of 45%.


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