Goland C21 Boar

Lowest production cost possible for heavy carcasses and PDO quality.

Optimal for quantity and quality of fat covering thigh and crown.

100% Italian.


Italian market boar leader for over 25 years, achieved due to the systematic growth and slaughter tests, which continue from the beginning of the selection project.
Boar that meets all the quality requirements for PDO and PGI productions, constantly improving its economic sustainability. A selection project destined for the national market, designed and developed exclusively by Gorzagri. The genetic potential of Goland boars is fully realized in breeding it with the Goland sow, as this is the reference combination in the boar line selection project.


Zootechnical performance of the progeny:

→ Average growth from 30 to 175 kg with rationed feeding (in 270 days of age), equal to 750/800 gr/day, with feed conversion which is less than 3.2 kg of feed per 1 kg of live weight.

→ Boar particularly suitable for rationed feeding, so as to obtain pigs of 170-175 kg in 9 months with the lowest feed cost.

→ Guarantee of a balanced deposit of fat and excellent quality; perfectly covered thighs, also in the crown.


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